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With twelve years of dedicated experience across various facets of post-production, Misha has honed his craft and discovered a profound passion for Colour Grading.


He sees himself as an artist of emotions, aiming to breathe life into scripts by masterfully using colour to captivate viewers and subtly guide their feelings. His commitment to storytelling is unwavering, as he continuously seeks to deepen his understanding of the field.


As a solution-oriented professional, Misha is deeply committed to fulfilling the needs and aspirations of those he works with, ensuring close collaboration to meet and exceed goals.

Enthusiastic and ready to transform creative visions into vivid realities, Misha is an invaluable asset to any project aiming to leave a lasting impact on its audience.

Currently, he is enriching his expertise by pursuing a Master of Arts (2025) at AFDA Cape Town, with a specialized focus on Colour Grading and Artificial Intelligence.

I look forward to working with you.

Thatcher Freeman

Based in California, USA. Thatcher is the on-call colour scientist and pipeline consultant behind Misha Beare Colour.

He started his colour science journey with camera profiling regression tools, building custom IDTs and now has a growing library of innovative DCTL tools used by colourists world-wide.

Thatcher has a principles-first approach to image processing, addressing challenges through the most physically plausible, artifact-free operations available. He enables us to be at the peak form of efficiency and consistency throughout our journey from camera to screen.

Thatcher has a Master's of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning from Stanford University.

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