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Being involved with many aspects of post-production for twelve years. I have come to one realisation. The only reason I did any of it was to give my Colour Grading a better starting point.

Let me bring the emotion from the pages of your script to the screen, use subtle nuance to draw the eye, guide emotion with colour and bring your audience into the world you want them to experience.


I have a deep love for Colour Grading, a passion for story telling and a desire to keep learning. I am solutions driven and will strive to give you the result you want. I will work closely with you in order to achieve your objectives. I look forward to bringing your ideas to fruition.

I am currently studying a Masters of Arts at AFDA Cape Town (2024) with a focus on Colour Grading and Artificial Intelligence.

I look forward to working with you.


Bellevue Street, Higgovale, Cape Town.

082 086 2348

What type of involvement suits you?
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